Payment Methods

Please use the following payment methods

To make bookng through our website easier, we have applied the following payment methods. You will be asked to choose one of them during the ordering procedure:

A. Credit Card - Prepaid Card - Debit Card

Our eshop accepts most credit/debit cards. Your transactions in our eshop are protected by the most updated online security systems (SSL-128 bit) ensuring a secure transaction environment.

For buying with credit cards just follow the instructions during the ordering process. You will be transferred to the secure transaction environment of Piraeus Bank, where you will be asked to fill in your card details (number, expiry date, etc)

Card data (card number, CVV2, expiration date etc.), is transmitted over the Internet in an encrypted format (SSL 128-bit encryption) and is not accessible from any third party.

All systems and procedures used by Piraeus Bank block any third party from accessing the Bank’s data and its information systems.

Piraeus Bank’s web page in which card data is captured, bears a digital certificate to allow anybody to check its authenticity, i.e. to make sure that it is a genuine web page of the Piraeus ePOS Paycenter Service.

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The following credit cards are accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro.




Mastercard ID Check and VISA Secure is also supported

visa   visa

B. PAYPAL (using PAYPAL account or credit card directly)

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If you have a Paypal account, just click on this option and you will be directed to the familiar Paypal payment procedure.

If you do not have a Paypal account and wish to make one, you will be redirected to the Paypal website where you can register.

Paypal also allows you to make payments instantly without creating an account.


The Company does not store or maintain in its database credit card numbers, CCV2, or expiry dates of credit cards.

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Our journey starts from the Port of Kissamos, which is located just next to the Gramvousa Peninsula at the west side of Crete. You will be able to enjoy a pleasant voyage close to the coast line that will give you the opportunity to notice the result of the island movement. Since 2000 years ago the sea level has gone down of about 3 meters.




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Kastelli Kissamos,
P.C. 73400
Chania, Crete Greece
(0030) 28220-22250
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Contact Us

Kastelli Kissamos,
P.C. 73400
Chania, Crete Greece
(0030) 28220-22250
(0030) 28220-22259

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